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Micro Centrifuge - 16000 R.P.M - Microprocessor Based

Product Cat # GI049


  • High speed Micro Centrifuge Max. R.P.M. 16000 and R.C.F  16600.
  • Heavy duty plastic injection moulded body.
  • Stainless Steel protection bowl.


  •  High speed Micro Centrifuge Max. R.P.M. 16000 and R.C.F  16600.
  •  Heavy duty plastic injection moulded body.
  •  Stainless Steel protection bowl.
  •  Fitted with well balance universal motor having long life with imported carbons.
  •  2 lines of 16 character LCD display of r.p.m., R.c.f, timer 0-59 minutes.
  • Display of set and run time.
  •  Digital timer which can be set from 0-99 minutes in interval of 1 minute.
  •  Programmable Speed Regulator from 2000 to 16000 in variation of 100 rpm.
  •  Last test parameter recall and displays automatically on LCD.

Special Features

  • Microprocessor based.
  • Motor remain cool even after running full time.
  • Motor fitted on anti vibration springs supported with rubber covering from inside and out side.
  • Low sound, very stable.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension of Machine : L = 290mm, W = 270mm, H = 240mm.
  • Weight of Machine  : 9.5kg. approx.
  • Dimension of box  : L-355mm x W355 x H-340mm
  • Weight of Box  : 11 kg. approx.

Standard Accessories

  • Rotor Head to accommodate 12 eppendorf/ Micro Centrifuge Tubes with.
  • 4 cover of 1.5ml /2ml (12 x 1.5/2ml).
  • 4 Reduction adopters for 0.2/0.5ml eppendorf (Micro Centrifuge Tubes).
  • 4 Head Puller, Spanner, Inst. Manual, Cord & plug to work on 220 volts 50Hz A.C.


  1. Optional Rotor Head at extra Cost.
  2. Rotor head to accommodate 24 micro tubes. ( Max Speed 13000 rpm).


  • The speed of the machine depends upon the type of rotor being used. if rotor is heavy the speed will reduce as per above mentioned.

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