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Gas Tap Two Way - Bench Mounted

Product Cat # GE7021


GEOMATRIX Laboratory Gas Tap Two Way  - Bench Mounted 

GEOMATRIX  Laboratory two way gas taps are supplied with a tapered tube nozzle,tap handles are ergonomically designed for precise feel and finger  tip control. durable powder coated finish gives significant protection against corrosion, discolouration and surface damage.


Application  : Control of burning gases such as natural gas other gas

Mounting     : Bench or counter top mounted, turret base and two gas outlets at 90 degrees

Handle       : Molded style high grade ABS Knobs

Finish       : Furnished with epoxy powder coated finish as standard

Body         : Straight pattern metal body

Headwork     : Quarter-turn valve with visual on/off indication

Inlet        : Furnished with mounting shank, locknut and o-ring washer for surface seal

Outlet       : Outlet fixed serrated tapered tube nozzle tap.

Quality Assurance : Fitting is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment

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