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Microscope objectives are  the most essentials components of optical microscopes as they are tasked with primary image formation and play a central role in determining the quality of images that the microscope is capable of producing. Each objective is responsible for the defined magnification and resolution of the specimen to be imaged.

Performance of microscope objectives determines the resulting image quality of your microscope like no other system component. Whether you work with cell samples or whole organisms, different factors influence what the best choice of microscope objective will be for your application.

  Geooptics         objectives Series are categorized into performance classes on the basis of their transmission, chromatic correction, planarity,         

                             and others. Microscope objectives come in three basic designs: Achromatic, Semi-plan, and Plan. 

Coated Achromatic objective corrects for colour and has a flat field  for about 65% of the image.

Semi-plan objectives have an 80% flat field. Semi Plan Objectives have an improved resolution

Plan objective corrects better for colour and spherical aberration than either the semi-plan or the achromatic objective. Plan objectives have a 90%  flat field and produce the best  image quality

                              objectives are coded and labeled differently according to type. The coding and labeling provides a short and compact overview 

                              for the identification of the objective and for the main optical performances and applications of the objectives.

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